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The Ancient Egyptian Religion was Risqué by Puritanical Standards.

This is a surprise to some who have never heard the whole story.

This website focuses on important details that are missing from the G and PG versions. The reader will see that this version for Mature Audiences allows for a better understanding of the Egyptian concepts of -

The creation of mankind.

The resurrection of the dead.

Their astronomy and cosmology.

Warning - The Ancient Egyptian Religion was/is Erotic and Sexually Explicit. Essential Words and Concepts require full sexual awareness.

The ancient Egyptians loved their religion. One reason for the popularity may have been its sexually arousing and titillating mythology. To properly describe it I will have to use a vocabulary that includes: erection, penis, vagina, phallus, ithyphallic, fellatio and masturbation. There will be illustrations.

The illustrations and stories used in this site were culled from my college classes. I do not believe them to be pornographic but I can see how the immature might find them confusing and the prim might be offended. You may want to block this site from the view of your children until they have an adequate foundation in basic sexual concepts. On the other hand, I suggest those seeking a lustful turn-on look elsewhere.

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Much of what I know about the Ancient Egyptian Religion comes from the class in  Ancient Egyptian Religion that I took through the Stanford University Continuing Studies Program during the spring of 2006. The class was taught by Kara Cooney, Ph.D. who did an outstanding job. I have added supplemental materials and put the stories into my own words. As a result am solely responsible for any of the content herein to the extent of errors. Please be so kind as to let me know of corrections.

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