Dave Howard's Family

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Dave Howard, Nancy Hoffman, Kurt Elster, and Anna Bocheneck.

Talbot, Maryland, USA


Latitude: 38.7803973, Longitude: -76.1319953


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Amelia  Abt 1635Talbot, Maryland, USA P942
2 CLAYLAND, Catharine  1686Talbot, Maryland, USA P1110
3 CLAYLAND, Elizabeth  1690Talbot, Maryland, USA P1108
4 CLAYLAND, John  1684Talbot, Maryland, USA P1111
5 CLAYLAND, Judith Jane  26 Dec 1674Talbot, Maryland, USA P901
6 CLAYLAND, Rebecca  1688Talbot, Maryland, USA P1109
7 CLAYLAND, Roger  1682Talbot, Maryland, USA P1112
8 CLAYLAND, William  21 Jun 1680Talbot, Maryland, USA P1113
9 CLOTHIER, Lewis  1654Talbot, Maryland, USA P927
10 CLOTHIER, Mary Jane  5 Jan 1710Talbot, Maryland, USA P899
11 CLOTHIER, Robert  14 Oct 1680Talbot, Maryland, USA P918
12 HADDAWAY, Elizabeth  1715Talbot, Maryland, USA P1233
13 HADDAWAY, George  1658Talbot, Maryland, USA P1235
14 HADDAWAY, William Webb  1711Talbot, Maryland, USA P1234
15 KEMP, Edmond  1685Talbot, Maryland, USA P934
16 KEMP, Jane  1686Talbot, Maryland, USA P917
17 KEMP, Rachel  1679Talbot, Maryland, USA P936
18 KEMP, Sarah  1689Talbot, Maryland, USA P933
19 KEMP, William  1692Talbot, Maryland, USA P932
20 KNAPP, Robert Joseph  1634Talbot, Maryland, USA P941
21 KNAPP, Susanna  1658Talbot, Maryland, USA P928
22 THOMAS, Anne  10 May 1708Talbot, Maryland, USA P923
23 THOMAS, Edgar Benjamin  18 Jul 1756Talbot, Maryland, USA P904
24 THOMAS, John  16 Jun 1743Talbot, Maryland, USA P909
25 THOMAS, Lewis  10 May 1750Talbot, Maryland, USA P907
26 THOMAS, Mary  17 Jul 1738Talbot, Maryland, USA P911
27 THOMAS, Meredith  1678Talbot, Maryland, USA P985
28 THOMAS, Philemon  31 Jul 1754Talbot, Maryland, USA P905
29 THOMAS, Rebecca  1760Talbot, Maryland, USA P902
30 THOMAS, Rev Robert  26 Sep 1733Talbot, Maryland, USA P914
31 THOMAS, Sarah  29 Nov 1731Talbot, Maryland, USA P915
32 THOMAS, Stephen  25 May 1736Talbot, Maryland, USA P913
33 THOMAS, Susan  31 Oct 1745Talbot, Maryland, USA P908
34 THOMAS, Thomas  25 May 1736Talbot, Maryland, USA P912
35 THOMAS, Tristram Major  28 Jul 1752Talbot, Maryland, USA P906
36 THOMAS, William Ram Billy  31 Jan 1741Talbot, Maryland, USA P910
37 VANDERFORD, George  1668Talbot, Maryland, USA P1407
38 VANDERFORD, Thomas  1689Talbot, Maryland, USA P895
39 WEBB, Elizabeth  1657Talbot, Maryland, USA P930
40 WEBB, Elizabeth  12 Sep 1703Talbot, Maryland, USA P992
41 WEBB, Sarah  1690Talbot, Maryland, USA P995


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Amelia  Talbot, Maryland, USA P942
2 Elizabeth  1683Talbot, Maryland, USA P989
3 Elizabeth  1685Talbot, Maryland, USA P944
4 Judith  26 Feb 1685Talbot, Maryland, USA P1116
5 CLAYLAND, James  7 Nov 1699Talbot, Maryland, USA P925
6 CLAYLAND, Judith Jane  1737Talbot, Maryland, USA P901
7 CLAYLAND, Rebecca  1723Talbot, Maryland, USA P1109
8 CLAYLAND, Roger  1738Talbot, Maryland, USA P1112
9 CLAYLAND, William  1740Talbot, Maryland, USA P1113
10 CLOTHIER, Lewis  1684Talbot, Maryland, USA P927
11 CLOTHIER, Mary Jane  6 Aug 1774Talbot, Maryland, USA P899
12 CLOTHIER, Robert  26 Sep 1717Talbot, Maryland, USA P918
13 COURSEY, Anne  1701Talbot, Maryland, USA P924
14 HADDAWAY, Elizabeth  1750Talbot, Maryland, USA P1233
15 HADDAWAY, George  1722Talbot, Maryland, USA P1235
16 HADDAWAY, William Webb  16 Oct 1786Talbot, Maryland, USA P1234
17 HEMSLEY, Elizabeth  1677Talbot, Maryland, USA P926
18 HEMSLEY, William  1685Talbot, Maryland, USA P1117
19 HOLLINGSWORTH, Elenor  1759Talbot, Maryland, USA P957
20 KEMP, Elizabeth  22 Dec 1744Talbot, Maryland, USA P935
21 KEMP, Jane  1723Talbot, Maryland, USA P917
22 KEMP, William  14 Nov 1729Talbot, Maryland, USA P932
23 KNAPP, Robert Joseph  12 Aug 1680Talbot, Maryland, USA P941
24 KNAPP, Susanna  1682Talbot, Maryland, USA P928
25 RAPALJE, Marritje "Marie" Joris  1690Talbot, Maryland, USA P1405
26 THOMAS, Christopher  8 May 1706Talbot, Maryland, USA P981
27 THOMAS, Elizabeth Abigail  18 Sep 1790Talbot, Maryland, USA P77
28 THOMAS, Juliana  1669Talbot, Maryland, USA P978
29 THOMAS, Juliana  1679Talbot, Maryland, USA P1120
30 THOMAS, Sarah  1826Talbot, Maryland, USA P915
31 THOMAS, Stephen  1738Talbot, Maryland, USA P977
32 THOMAS, Thomas  1706Talbot, Maryland, USA P982
33 THOMAS, Tristram  11 Feb 1746Talbot, Maryland, USA P900
34 THOMAS, William  1 Apr 1740Talbot, Maryland, USA P979
35 THOMAS, SR., Tristram  22 May 1686Talbot, Maryland, USA P919
36 VAN DER VOORT, Michael Pauluzen  20 Sep 1692Talbot, Maryland, USA P1406
37 VANDERVOORT, Josyntje Cosine Susanna  1692Talbot, Maryland, USA P1414
38 WEBB, Sarah  1710Talbot, Maryland, USA P995
39 WEBB, William  1702Talbot, Maryland, USA P945


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 CLAYLAND / HEMSLEY  1673Talbot, Maryland, USA F218
2 CLOTHIER / KEMP  1709Talbot, Maryland, USA F167
3 CLOTHIER / KNAPP  1682Talbot, Maryland, USA F169
4 HADDAWAY / WEBB  1707Talbot, Maryland, USA F264
5 HARRY / THOMAS  Abt 1768Talbot, Maryland, USA F128
6 KEMP / WEBB  6 Jul 1678Talbot, Maryland, USA F168
7 VANDERFORD / HOLLINGSWORTH  1680Talbot, Maryland, USA F302
8 WEBB /   1696Talbot, Maryland, USA F184